Give good to get good.

With giveforthat, you can get product and services in return for doing good things.

Get On The List

What will you give?


Give donations to virtually any 501(c)(3).


Utilize social assets to promote good causes.


Give your time to those that need your expertise or volunteer efforts.

What can you get?

In return for giving, you or your organization will receive valuable goods and services.

Podcast Appearances

Appear as a podcast guest on a targeted podcast.

Sales Meetings

Schedule a meeting with someone hard to reach.

Webinar Attendees

Get more attendees for your next webinar.

Podcast Guests

Book a hard to get podcast guest on your podcast.

Market Research Respondents

Recruit people for market research and surveys.

Product Trials

Get someone to try your product or service.

Influencer Promotion

Get someone to promote your product or service on social media.

Much more

Many more options on the way, with hundreds of combinations.